SEA Matches 2017
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Sat..15/04/17..Gynn Wall
..h/w@ 14.16..
fish..11.45 to 16.45..
1st WSF/BLAS Trophy.

Sun..30/04/17..5 Bar Gate
..h/w@ 14.42..
fish..12.30 to 16.30..
1st Beach Cup.

Sat..13/05/17..New Barnes, Arnside
..h/w@ 14.45..
fish..12.00 to 17.00 aprox..
Social Cup.

Sat..20/05/17..Fleetwood Channel
..l/w@ 13.12..
fish..09.00 to 13.00..
1st Estuary Cup.

..h/w@ 13.38..
fish..11.45 to 15.15
..2nd Estuary Cup.

Sun..11/06/17..Gynn Wall
..h/w@ 13.00..
fish..10.30 to 15.30..
1st Don Nicholson Cup.

Sat..24/06/17..Gynn Wall
..h/w@ 11.46..
fish..09.15 to 14.15
..RNLI Trophy.

Sun..09/07/17..Gynn Wall
..h/w@ 12.07..
fish..09.30 to 14.30..
1st Wall Cup.

Sun..23/07/17..Heysham North Wall
..h/w@ 11.58..
fish..09.30 to 14.30..
Away Cup.

Sun..06/08/17..Gynn Wall
h/w@ to 13.30..
1st Chairmans Cup.

Sat..12/08/17..Gynn Wall.
.h/w@ to 17.15
Over 50s Cup.

Sat..26/08/17..Gynn Wall
..h/w@ to 17.15..
2nd Wall Cup.

Sun..10/09/17..5 Bar Gate
..h/w@ to 16.00..
2nd Beach Cup.

Sun..24/09/17..Mariners, Liverpool
..h/w@ to 16.45..
2nd WSF/BLAS Trophy.

Sun..08/10/17..Gynn Wall
h/w@ to 15.45.
.Dennis Steeden Cup.

Sun..22/10/17..Gynn Wall
..h/w@ to 15.45.
.2nd Don Nicholson Cup.

Sun..05/11/17..Gynn Wall
..h/w@ to 13.30..
Christmas Cup.

Sun..19/11/17..5 Bar Gate
..h/w@ to 13.00..
Ordinary/Reserve Match.

Sun..03/12/17..Gynn Wall..
h/w@ to 13.00..
2nd Chairmans Cup.

Sat..09/12/17..Gynn Wall..
h/w@ to 17.45..
Bill "Sparky" Lomax Cup.

Sun..17/12/17..Gynn Wall..
h/w@ 10.23..

fish..08.00 to 13.00..
J L Rogers Cup (WORM ONLY).