Hall Lane Fishery

This fishery consists of two pomds which used to belong to BLAS and have been fished by BLAS members for decades..

This fishery is at the back of the Thisleton Number 1 ( Scarecrow ) Pond.

Leave Back Lane, turn left onto the A583 about 200 yards there is a lane called Hall Lane, if the gate is open, then the fishery is open.

Drive to the end of the lane, there is a match canal ( about 8m wide ), two ponds in the far corner, one of which, the cloudy one, has big double figure carp in it. The clear pond has roach and perch.

In the other corner, past the toilet and caravans is another pond, which is full of many varieties of fish.

Park by the ponds.

Pay at the bank -- BLAS members fish for £ 3.