General Match Rules

1) No waters/Venues to be fished twelve hours prior to a match being fished on that water, this applies to both Sea & Freshwater, unless fishing a bona fide match

2) No Trout are to count in any match unless it is designated a” Trout Match”

3) In all Sea matches a maximum of TWO hook points only

4) In Sea matches there is no restriction on how far you can wade out but you must return to shore immediately after casting

5) In Seawater matches there is to be no stretching or tampering with fish and all fish are to be left with the steward at the time of weighing and only removed after all members who have fish to weigh have done so

6) At Seawater matches, there will be a meeting point up to an hour before the match is due to start for all members who wish to take part in the match, if, however, you arrive late you must make yourself known to the steward, and if you leave early you must tell another member who is still fishing in the match, this is especially so in beach matches

7) In Seawater matches, anyone who puts undersize fish onto the scales, will have their total catch disqualified (the steward will measure any fish that you are unsure of)

8) It is the Stewards decision and theirs alone that will stand in any decision(s) taken with regards to any discrepancies at any matches, if you disagree with any decisions, you can make a complaint, at your earliest opportunity, to a member of the committee who will do their best to resolve it. If it involves weight or size of a fish then you will still have the right to have your fish or catch weighed and a separate note put on the match sheet, should the matter be resolved in your favour, your points and weights for that match will be instated.

9) The Pier cup to be held over two legs

10) To be eligible to steward a match, you must have been a member for a minimum of one year and have fished a minimum of five matches

11) The points in sea matches are 10pts, 7pts, 5pts, 3pts if you catch an insize fish, and 1pt for those that turn up and fish for a minimum of two hours but don’t weigh in

12) In the event of inclement weather conditions, any match, Sea or Freshwater, may be cancelled or moved to an alternative venue at the discretion of the match steward

13) After any match Sea or Freshwater, if the steward finds any litter left by any of our members, then that person (s) responsible will be disqualified from the match

14) The deliberate foul hooking of fish is not allowed, Sea or Freshwater

15) For the Christmas matches, only members who have fished a minimum of five matches will be entitled to any prizes, cash or otherwise

16) In the Knock out matches, three way finals will be allowed if need be

17) In the Stewards matches, only members who have stewarded a minimum of two full matches will be eligible for a prize, sea and freshwater 1

18) In both sea and freshwater matches, it is your responsibility to check out if the match you want to attend is still on, and if there are any places left, this will apply to all matches. At some venues we will be limited to the amount of members who can attend

19) Anything arising that is not covered in the above rules will be decided upon by the Committee whose decision will be final and binding on all matters